For a citizen of a country which has a menu full of bizzare food such as: raw beef with raw egg yalk, fermented milk, juice from cooked fruit, duck blood soup, fermented cabbage, sausage from pig’s blood or bread spread with pig fat similar to butter, I thought nothing would surprise me anymore but every time I visit a new country, I’m happy to be wrong. Below you can see a list of things that shocked my eyes or nose but made my taste buds jump for joy.

 Kiwi Poo, Kiwi Wee… (New Zealand)

Chocolate coated raisins, peanuts and stuff. But why?!


Maqluba (Ramallah, PNA)

DSCF5584During my student exchange in Germany, I was lucky to have neighbours from all parts of the world in my dormitory. Without much thought, we decided to prepare a Polish-Palestinian dinner. The boys prepared maqluba, typical dish of the Arab Levant. The name of the dish translates from Arabic into “upside-down”. To put it simply, it’s rice, aubergine and chicken or beef cooked together in a huge pot and then inverted onto a big plate.

Brioche con Gelato (Ragusa, Sicily)

It’s a hot July morning and you’re sitting in a little Italian cafe surrounded by Baroque architecture. Next to you, there’s a couple playing piano four-hands preparing for a competition. You order a typical Sicilian breakfast and get a sweet brioche bun stuffed with a fat smear of ice cream. Isn’t it a paradise?

PicMonkey Collage2

Mpanatigghi (Modica, Sicily)

A crispy cookie that you can eat only in Modica. It is filled with almonds, sugar, chocolate and… beef!

PicMonkey Collage

Cipolle di Giarratana

I was speechless when saw a basket full of these ones in my friend’s kitchen. The onions that are bigger than a cat’s head are typical of town of Giarratana in southeastern Sicily. My friend’s mom roasted them with garlic and we ate it cooled down (usually I eat onions raw in salads or hot in stews or soups). Imagine the look on the faces of security control guys at the airport when they saw them in my backpack!

PicMonkey Collage4

Chicco was also incredibly shocked that a Human took a picture of him with something awkward next to his head,

but he just continued being  awesome.


Birramisù (Ragusa, Sicily)

A tiramisu for adults with beer instead of coffee.


Hematogenas (Vilnius, Lithuania)

One morning during Baltic countries trip, I went to the mall and bought everything that contained chocolate. I chose a swing on a playground and felt so carefree with so much sugar in the pocket. One of my treasures was a nutrition bar popular in Russia which contains huge dose of iron. The primary ingridient is cow’s blood. Umm, no.

PicMonkey Collage3

Piejura (Riga, Latvia)

My couchsurfing hosts in Riga cooked all possible Latvian dishes for me even though it was over 30 degrees outside.

One of the treats was a superb cooling dessert: cold sweet bread soup with raisins.


Crocodile pizza (Australia)

Tastes like dry light chicken meat mixed with fish.


Dal Bhat (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Dal (lentils) bhat (rice) is a meal popular in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. It consists of rice, vegetable and meat poured with lentil soup and mixed with hand. My first evening at my hosts’ place and I wasn’t prepared to eat with fingers at all! Lucky for me I took hand disinfectant. How cool was that!


Black sesame soup (Hong Kong)

It was my first night of trying Hong Kong tastes and it turned out awesome right away! The soup was warm and sweet. Eating it in a dark side street full of strange people and things made it even more exciting!


The durian (Hong Kong)

Probably I don’t have to write much about this fruit with most repelling smell of all. Durian is banned from airline cabins, hotels and public transportation. Hate it or love it, I actually liked the soft texture and sweet creamy taste!


What’s the strangest food you’ve eaten?

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I'm Aleksandra and I'm from Poland. I love travelling with my backpack and solo. I worked in the airlines and the flight discounts allowed me to get to many distant lands. This blog is my collection of memories, fleeting moments, delicious food and inspirations. Wecome to my journal!

  • Czarna zupa wygląda mega intrygująco a durian jest na mojej liście do spróbowania – Daniel mi kiedyś o nim opowiadał – jestem ciekawa jak coś o tak odrzucającym zapachu może być jednocześnie smakowite :-) A te cebule!! Zdjęcie z kotkiem jest boskie :D

    Uwielbiam te listy na Twoim blogu! Czytam z zapartym tchem i proszę o więcej! :)

  • Ewelina

    W Islandii bardzo popularna jest barania głowa, pudding z baraniej wątroby (te dwie rzeczy próbowałam i szczerze mówiąc nawet mi smakowały, chociaż głowa jest odrzucająca), ale chyba najpopularniejszy i znienawidzony przez turystów jest hakarl – zgniły rekin, którego muszę spróbować :)
    Z tego co wymieniłaś to przysmaki z hong kongu i Nepalu wyglądają super! Poza tym kuchnia azjatycka jet the best :D

  • Czarnotka

    “…kontynuował bycie doskonałym”. Skąd ja to znam! :D
    Swoją drogą, narobiłaś mi apetytu na brioszkę z lodami…

  • Najbardziej podobają mi się te lody w bułce – muszę zapamiętać!

  • KasiaKE

    All looks yummie and I would seriously try everything! Local food is a real flavour of the culture. The way the people cook, what tools they use, what they consider tasty & disgusting, spices they choose… It is so much new to discover. Eating local is one of the greatest parts of travelling (except the diahrrea that is). And answering the question from a title… Weirdest food that I have tried was salty stones (?) called “Salmiak” from The Netherlands. At first I thought that it was a decoration for a bathroom. But then I was told that the sh*** was edible. So I put it in my mouth and threw it up within miliseconds. Cold, salty stones! Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk.

    • Aleksandra

      Salt? Yuck!
      Thank you Kasia. I also admire the way people perceive food and how they prepare it. I like to take part in the process wherever I am to feel the ambiance and to recreate the taste in the future at home. :-)

  • Super ciekawe, zjadłabym wszystko!

  • Najlepsza część podróżowania- poznawanie nowych smaków i poddawanie próbom naszych kubków smakowych:)