The passengers' stories

The passengers’ stories #3

Below you can find the next set of funny dialogues with airline passengers I spoke with while working at the reservation center. It wasn’t so easy not to laugh but luckily there was the option in my phone allowing me to mute the phone call and express the proper emotions or say an uncensored word outloud. ;-)

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– Is it possible to take a bowl with water on board for my therapy animal?
– Of course, the animal can have a water bowl.
– How big? Because I don’t know if it will fit in there.
– I don’t understand, could you please specify?
– You know, it’s a lobster.

Hand luggage control at the airport:
– Do you have any other liquids?
– Of course, my body fluids.


– Are you willing to sponsor the tickets for a group of dentists travelling from the UK to cure the teeth of our elephant?


– I’m pregnant with a steward working for your airlines. I want to receive alimony. Tell me who I should contact?


A foreigner:
– Do you have a booking code or ticket number?
– I will give you my chicken number.


– Oh, I’ve accidentaly sent you a confirmation e-mail in English.
– Don’t worry, I will print it in Polish, I have a Polish printer.

– Could you provide me with your date of birth?
– 65.
– The whole date?
– 1965.


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