The passengers' stories

The passengers’ stories #2

One of the few things I liked about working as an airline reservation agent was the chance to meet many splendid people, even though I heard only their voice. I spoke with celebrities, politicians, journalists and dignitaries (some of them sounded like conceited jerks at the beginning but after a couple of minutes, they calmed down and faced serious problem in the same way as average passengers).

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I tried to forget those paxes who drove me nuts (pax abbreviation stands for passenger in aviation) but it is not so easy when someone assigns blame to you for nothing. There is a complaints department to work things out.

Lucky for me, there were also people that made me fly over the rainbow whenever I was able to help them. There was a 90-year-old man from Chicago who dreamt about visiting Poland, his homeland, for the last time but he made a mistake with travel date. His ticket, however, was nonchangeable and nonrefundable. Well, guess what? I decided to change it breaking the rules, which resulted in getting an error – I was reprimanded and lost my monthly bonus. You only live once!


– Good morning. I’m flying from Cracow to Hamburg via Munich. I heard there will be two planes but, as I understand, I don’t have to get out and change planes?

– …

 – Could you assign me a proper seat, please. You know what proper means, right? The one that’s far away from the toilet.

– You can place me at the back of the plane, you know, in the single row so that nobody can touch me.

– Is it possible to take a medieval lute on board?

– …?!

– My booking reference is: X, seven, two (…). I’d like to rebook my ticket… oh… wait…, I’m running out of petrol, my car has just stopped… I’m not moving! I will call your right back.

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Passengers’ stories #1



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