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Interior travels #1 – Rio de Janerio

Interior design is an integral part of my reality – it is the field where I find creative expression when I’m not on the move. Travelling and design are the big little things that make me come alive. I see amazing potential in the ugliest and the oldest pieces of furniture I stumble upon in the flea markets. The moment I enter any flat, I imagine how it would look like if it was mine. That’s why I want to share my inspirations also on the blog. You can explore interiors the same way as you discover new countries. Let’s start with Rio de Janeiro.

The real Rio

SAM_3987-1-520x391My ultimate goal was to experience something different and authentic, not like a tourist staying at a casual B&B. This is a city of extremes and I hoped to live it like that. Forget about your comfort zone! Let’s see how the real Carioca lives!

– I booked a place in a fawela! – I said to my parents and the look on their faces spoke itself. Even though I’m almost 30 and they are used to my crazy ideas, they were still worried: – No way! There are gangs of drug dealers! It’s too dangerous! But soon after that I read about Casa 48 located on the top of Favela Pereirão

Favela Pereirão

pereirao-1-520x368A middle-aged man goes slowly up the hill with a wasching machine tied  with rope to his back. – Bom Dia! – he says and smiles at me.

After dark, a group of little boys run on the roofs and fly kites they made themselves. Although they can’t afford to buy them, they wake up to the most amazing view which tourist can see staying at the most expensive hotels on the coast.

Good energy, neighborly support, dancing samba in the alleys, playing with dice, lazy cats, crowing chickens, chewing goats, toucans flying over your head – this is Favela Pereirão located in the bohemian Santa Teresa disctrict, a home to ca. 1000 people. There is no traffic inside. Going up the tiny alleys and stairs, it is easy to get lost and enter somebody’s house which actually turns out to be a little restaurant serving the most delicious açai dessert…

A hostel with a view

Casa 48 (House no. 48) is a two story guesthouse at the upper entrance of the favela with several rooms to rent and a spacious living room. It was designed and built by a group of friends from Europe and Brasil.

I booked a room on the other side of the building but the day I arrived – to my big surprise – it turned out that I got the other one, with the spectacular view of the Sugarloaf mountain! :-) Imagine peeing and taking a shower in front of such an amazing scenery: unforgettable!



Living room

A huge loft, bamboo sofas, tables with colorful tiles that remind us about the Portugese Empire, hammocks, swings, a globe, tropical plants, old furniture from the flea market…

All of the above features create the unique atmosphere in the common space. I fell in love with it from the first step inside. The room is divided into different areas: kitchen corner, big dining table and relax corner. It is a place where in the morning people from all over the World meet and talk over the coffee and a toast about their lives and views. You meet a kissing French couple in funny carnival costumes, two Hungarian girls who live there for two months to learn Portugese, two African-American guys from the Unites States with crazy hairstyles… I would love to recreate this space in my own flat in the future (and bring the view to Poland in my backpack!).













I spent there only one night and day before my flight back home but lying in a hammock was the perfect way to end my stay in Brasil after two active weeks of wandering. :-)


I'm Aleksandra and I'm from Poland. I love travelling with my backpack and solo. I worked in the airlines and the flight discounts allowed me to get to many distant lands. This blog is my collection of memories, fleeting moments, delicious food and inspirations. Wecome to my journal!