Carrot, cucumber and cheese tulips

They are lovely and tasty. Nothing more to add! I love the minimalist attitude towards the look of the dishes and their prep time. Its so great to play with making food look good too! Just try it! 

What do you need?

– 1 carrot
– 1 cucumber
– 200g cheese
– toothpicks


Step 1

Cut the cucumber in half and cut out the middle so that its profile looks like a letter “C”.


Step 2

Cut the cucumber into the pieces of 0,5 cm.


Step 3

Cut the cheese into 1 cm cubics.


Step 4

Stick the cheese and cucumber pieces onto the toothpicks.


Step 5

Cut the carrot into the slices (ca. 0,5 wide).

Cut out 2-3 triangles out of the upper part of the slices.


Step 6

Stick the carrots onto the toothsticks.

Ta-dam! Your tulip snacks are ready to try!



How do you like the idea? :-)

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